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Driving license and coronavirus in germany.
Due to the virus, many people currently tend to end their driving lessons. This is because they have been confined . Confinement can be obligatory or out of personal will. Do not forget that it is OBLIGATORY to pocess a driving license before as a driver, or if you intend to have your own car oneday.
It is strange but yet it is possible to get a driving license within 6 days , such that you will avoit public transportation and feel safer during your displacements.

How to obtain a german driving license after 6 days.
We will give you the requirements that will permit you to obtain a driving license online within 6 working days.
- Send your passport size photo.
- A photo of your identity card, passport or residence permit. You can send scanned copies too or yoou simply use a phone and capture the photo, front and back. This will permit the authentic registration of your driving license in the database.
- you will send your signature. You will sign on a white paper and send the photo of the signature.
-You will also have to precise the place of birth and municipality for the registration.
-You will precise the delivery address.
Once these informations are processed, your driving license is delivered after 6 working days.
Confinement is over.
Wake up and Get busy
get more information form the sites below.

Kaufen Sie einen europäischen Führerschein

Innerhalb von 6 Tagen erhalten Sie einen deutschen Führerschein mit Lieferung nach Hause.

KONTACT Whatsapp (+27655667093)

Besorgen Sie sich einen gültigen und registrierten Führerschein, jedoch ohne Prüfung der Fahrschule.

Besorgen Sie sich einen gültigen und registrierten Führerschein, jedoch ohne Prüfung der Fahrschule.

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