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July, the money comin
July, the money coming, will be a black month for me. In July, the other side is blooming! The other side of the flower Marlboro Cigarettes, a flower that grows in the underworld. The leaves will never meet each other, and the students will be wrong! Such a July, I would like to go back to the bag again and let myself wander. Such capricious wanderings used to happen often. Regardless of family concerns, I am often lonely and indifferent, time and time again... My waywardness will hurt the closest relatives; my obedience can also determine the happiness of many people. I am sorry, I can't afford to say that I can indulge myself in this kind of happiness. It is better to say that it is a capital of luxury and pride. My mother asked me: Where do you want to go, wherever you go, not to think about others, is it too capricious to pull up the mother's hand, I told her: I am not far away now. No matter how capricious, I can only walk around some of the surrounding countryside. Moreover, I am a person who will never give up on myself. (I don��t want to treat myself with food, clothing, and accommodation.) I said that my mother is very pleased because she is still a lonely family, so her mother��s love is more She always pities me alone and bears too much. I said: "The warmth of love makes people intoxicated, the happiness of the family is fascinating!" The mother asked me: "What kind of love do you want, what kind of home?" In fact, the mother knows that the love I want is very simple. . I just want to love someone in a mediocre way, no money, no interest, only love. When you are in love, use a boneless thought to send a simple life and record some traces about each other's life. Give him, give yourself, to commemorate that pure and innocent emotion. Perhaps it is because it is too simple, so it will not be simple. Because of this era, many people like to commit crimes. What is the right? What is profit? Money power is nothing but an embellishment of life. Everything outside the body must be taken in a proper way. Without affecting the happiness of life and family, this is called life. This is life! No, living in this city that is not so prosperous, the temptation around it is everywhere. Those temptations are stimulating our minds every day, filled with our eyes. As a result, some people are naturally unable to resist the temptation to control themselves and begin to sink and fall there. As a result, some people have forgotten morality and responsibility, abandoned virtue and conscience, and ignored everything. Only then did they discover that what they lost was the most precious and warmth of happiness and happiness. Flash marriage, flashing away, those seemingly sweet love, but in fact it is extremely degenerate. I have seen such feelings and saw a broken marriage. I am very fortunate for myself. Fortunately, it doesn't matter if I have it, but because I know how to cherish it. Never wanted to pursue a vigorous life, all the wonderful and beautiful, can only be a flash in the pan. Those beautiful, can never replace the happiness of the long stream, and the warmth of love. We are all just a dust, only ordinary love, can not withstand too much toss and betrayal. In this world, no one will be your beacon forever, just waiting for the warmth of your life; no one will be willing to be a patch for so-called love with a true feeling Newport Cigarettes. So in the face of true love, we really can't afford to lose Marlboro Lights. Once lost, it may become a failure of a lifetime.
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