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Introduction: How man
Introduction: How many years have only written a line, bending to the ocean. In May, the weather was pleasant, and the flowers outside the school were frantically opened. Under the young leaves Marlboro Lights, there was no string of snow-white elves. The faint floral fragrance passed the wall of the school and climbed over the roof of the building. In the classroom, there is no hole in it. The woods are next to the school wall and the other side is a small stream. After the spring, the creek is like a girl who is developing and becomes full. The trickle goes down the riverbed all the way down, sometimes from the deep pool, sometimes from the stream, and the crows are full of joy and unexpected joys and sorrows. I got the school gate, walked through the eucalyptus forest outside the wall, walked up all the way, and then jumped over the spring bridge with the big stones on the side of the stream, and went to the lawn of the school. There is a lot of time. When there is no class, the students always like to go there to chat, read books, smash mountains, squander youth and go up. There is an abandoned artificial paper mill. Due to excessive pollution, it is a hand workshop and has been eliminated by time. There are often no artificial visits, because there will be a stink in the stagnant water. I like the wooden runner. After years of baptism and soaking in the water, it has changed color and has a layer of moss. The abandoned dead wood, lying in a muddy corpse, was crippled. I like to hide there, there is a secret that is unknown: there is a big stone near the paper mill. I always go there on weekdays to enjoy a person's leisure. I am afraid that others will share my thoughts, and I am afraid that others will know my secrets. One's world, everything can be thought of, and nothing can be thought of. I am like a lost deer Newport Cigarettes Coupons, stumbling into youth. In the mud, it is impossible to extricate themselves. Most of the time after school, most of the stones I spent with me. I can't remember in my memory. How many small notes I put on my wish, I only wrote five words on it at a time: Oh, I like you. This is an unwritten letter, no envelope, no Withdrawals, no postmarks. I carefully placed each small note into the creek and watched it flow downstream, drifting away and disappearing. This is an almost imaginary happiness that I can't touch. It is a melancholy that I can't control myself. The tide-like feelings are pouring aimlessly. Later, I was better with Linzi. I was the last one to go to the stream. I dug a thick stack of paper and scattered it in the water. Looking at the white elf flying all over the sky, my heart was twitching, and tears flowed into the creek. That piece of paper is like countless white butterflies. After many years, I can fly into my dreams Wholesale Cigarettes. When it is gentle, it is like water; when it is shy, it is affectionate. And I, once drunk in youth, drunk in the hustle and bustle of the blooming flowers.
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