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Nothing is ever certain until you dot your t's and sign your i's.
You think you've landed that car off Craigslist? Well Brian Burns Jersey , until you pay all the money needed for that 2005 Mercedes E-350, you're going to keep driving your old Pontiac. Once everything is finalized, we can get to celebrating, but we have to be cautious.With that terrible analogy of the way, let's look at NFL players who were almost certain to go someplace else, but the move didn't go through. Maybe they failed a physical or the team decided they wanted to go in another direction.We do have a few basic things to note, so keep these in mind:- All of the following entries are from 2000 and on, with several even being from the past few months. Don't you just love how uncertain the NFL can be?- Players who were rumored to be drafted somewhere (i.e. Sam Darnold to the Cleveland Browns) are not on here for obvious reasons. These are NFL players that were about to sign or be traded to a team before circumstances changed that.- Rumors about players coming out of retirement (i.e. Brett Favre joining the Chicago Bears in 2011) are not on here either.But while Brett Favre isn't on here http://www.panthersfootballauthentic.com...-authentic , I do know another high-profile quarterback that we can start with. The Cowboys are no longer saying that Ezekiel Elliott is the straw that stirs their drink. They’re saying instead that their drink doesn’t need a straw.It’s posturing, plain and simple. The Cowboys can’t afford to quickly cave on Zeke, or other agents of other players will regard the Cowboys are weaker than the Ukraine. And so as Zeke heaves a medicine ball at the YMCA in Cabo, the team has no choice but to adopt a posture of indifference, not desperation.The real question is whether, if the holdout lingers, the Cowboys will make arrangements to proceed into the regular season without Elliott. For now, they’ve signed running back Alfred Morris. Here’s what former Cowboys scout Bryan Broaddus Will Grier Jersey , who currently writes for the team’s official website, had to say about the decision to bring back Morris after a one-year detour to San Francisco: “I believe that you have to think that this might last a while. This team does a great job of protecting themselves for these types of situations. The next move might be consider trading for a player if this does go longer.”It’s an intriguing thought. And the most intriguing trade option for the Cowboys involves a Texas native who has previously made it clear that he’d like to play in Dallas: Adrian Peterson.The problem, of course, is that Peterson currently plays for Washington, one of the Cowboys’ arch-rivals. Also, Washington gave Peterson a $1.5 million signing bonus earlier this year, and they’d likely want added compensation for taking a hit of $750,000 this year and next year. But with coach Jay Gruden recently raving about Samaje Perine and with 2018 second-rounder Derrius Guice healthier than expected http://www.panthersfootballauthentic.com...-authentic , maybe Peterson is expendable — albeit potentially expensive.It’s a spitball at this point, nothing more. The broader point is that, if the Cowboys are serious about taking a hard line with Elliott, signing a player like Alfred Morris won’t convince anyone of that. Trading for a player like Peterson definitely will.

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