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I have a pair of
I have a pair of invisible wings. In fact, each of us is an angel. We all have a pair of wings that belong to us. "Every time I am strong in the middle of the squad... Take me to fly, fly over despair." The people in the air are ticking, the air around me is so overwhelmed, I stand alone under the eaves, the tears are already blurred. My eyes were closed. Before the rain, I repeatedly listened to Zhang Yihan��s "Invisible Wings. This is my favorite song. Every time I encounter difficulties or frustrations, I will listen to this song. Every time I listen, I feel different. But it will make me more confident. I think this is the biggest attraction for me. Otherwise, I won��t like it so much. Listen and listen. The scene just came to my mind. "Go, go, short melon. This is not the place you are waiting for. If you are tall, you still want to play basketball. Then you look like a toothpick. How to play basketball, it��s almost like being beaten by the ball Marlboro Lights, hahaha...�� The highest class in the class. That kid, and basketball is not bad, but the old love bully, arrogant. "I don't believe it, can you play only when you play? Why can't I, don't look down on people, I will overtake you one day." I am not convinced to make him red, but who knows they laugh more loudly. I ran out madly. I thought about tears and unscrupulously rushed out, and fell into the air, blended with the rain, and dripped on the ground together, "Hey, hey," my heart's "screaming rain continues" I know, I have always had Invisible wings, take me to fly to my hopes. "The song never stops. My heart is suddenly not so fragile. I suddenly become strong, because I believe that my wings will accompany me at this time. Hope, it won't make me alone. Although I can't see it, I know it is condensed by the beliefs in my heart. It is the invisible wings that gave me hope. The rain suddenly stopped, the sun came out, the earth. Everything seems so fresh, in the sunshine, the silver shines, I scream "I know, I always have double invisible wings, take me to fly to my hopes" to go home. Then, pick up the basketball and start practicing. Get up, shoot, play, pass, pitch... so repeat the practice every day, every time there will be this "Invisible Wings". With it, I won't feel lonely, even if it falls, Will climb immediately Come and practice again, no matter how cold or hot, wind and rain, I will practice basketball on the court. Although it is only a person, I know that I am not alone Newport 100S, because I have a pair of "invisible wings" to accompany the day. The challenge started. I challenged the kid. He agreed to it without thinking. Soon, the game time was over. The students around the class mostly came to see me jokes Parliament Cigarettes, but only a few supported me. Personal. I don't care, I believe in my strength, believe in myself. Finally, the result is obvious, I easily won, I proved myself! I can do it! God is fair to each of us, each of us is Angels have a pair of wings that belong to oneself, but reality makes us invisible, but it does not mean that it does not exist. Those who believe in themselves will see their own invisible wings. I know that I have always had invisible Wings, take me to fly to my hopes.
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